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Deadbolt locks are a great solution for limiting access to certain places, and can be adapted to fit the owners wants and needs. Installation and repair is simple, and can be done with only screwdrivers.

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How remove deadbolt with no visible screws?

I'm trying to remove a deadbolt. A dozen websites advise to remove the screws on the inside of the door. Mine has no visible screws. Some say if there are no visible screws, remove the cover plate with a flat screwdriver. Mine does not come off with a flat screwdriver. Where one would hope to see screws, mine has irremovable rivets. The deadbolt is of the type with a keyhole on both sides of the door, and the apparatus appears symmetrical.

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Hi @zubbub ,

Does your deadbolt have two blocked "holes", in the cover plate, one either side of the key tumbler slot on the lock on the inside of the door?

If so, try inserting the key on the inside lock and slowly start turning the key to open the lock. At some point in the turn, the "holes" should no longer be blocked and either an appropriate sized Allen key (aka hex socket key) or a screwdriver(depends on maker) can be inserted and used to unscrew the inside lock away from the outside lock

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