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Repair guides and support for Panasonic's Viera line of televisions.

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My tv wont turn on after a power outage

After a power outage in the morning that only lasted a second, my plasma Viera won't turn on! This has happened before but the tv would still work fine after some time. I can't wait for this tv to turn on.

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Can you give me more information? does it have a power light if so did it turn on?


@Bobby Gunnels not it doesn't


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Corrusion  double check to make sure that your outlet has power. If so proceed by unplugging everything from the back of the TV (cable box, sat box, DVD, game console etc.). Unplug the TV and then hold the power button depressed for something like a minute or two. After that plug the TV back in and connect only one input source, preferably a local source like DVD,BR, Game console etc. Then try to turn your TV on. LEt us know what you get.

If that did not do anything, you will have to remove the back from your TV and check the power board. Check the fuses etc. Do that first with the TV unplugged. Let us know what you find. Better yet, let us know the exact model for your TV and post some good pictures of all of your TV’s boards with your question. That way we can see what you see. Voeg afbeeldingen toe aan een bestaande vraag

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I found (when all else fails) - Unplug TV and everything else, hold in the power button for an extended period then plug it in while the power button is still pressed. Then release the power button, press again works for my TV. The key difference between this and the chosen solution is that I plug it in while the power button is still pressed. Does it make a difference or is it a coincidence? IDK.

I use a new pencil wedged against the wall to hold in the power button, walk away and leave it like that for a while, sometimes hours. Lately I've had a lot of brief power outages which have left me waiting for days/weeks and trying all the normal tricks that don't seem to work anymore. And that is how I came across this solution. With this solution it doesn't always work the first time, but so far I have always gotten it to work after a few attempts within a few hours total wait time.

Does anyone still use a Panasonic Viera plasma tv in 2023? Mine still has very good picture quality even after probably being over 10 years old and left on probably more than average use. I like the picture quality better than my relatively new led TV and this is why I haven't replaced this one.

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I bought mine in 2007 and never had any problem until lately. I use it as a second TV. I have tried the fixes and gotten it going again but then it happens again. I think it is an overheating issue. Whether or not there is a bad part that is making it stop, I don't know but I did notice a while ago that it puts out a lot of heat in the room. I keep thinking it may not be a failed part because then why would it ever work again?


@havdog depends on your make and model. This could be a fan issue, if your model has one. Remove the back cover after you unplug your TV and have a look.


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