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Repair guides and support for the 5th generation Honda Accord coupe, sedan, and wagon.

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First of all I want to thank you for the help on my mean relay, but

The relay didn’t work looking into fuel pump

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relay didn’t work,fest I will chick to see if I have power at fuel pump,if I do I need fuel pump.


@jrem okay let us know what is going on with your Honda. Let us know exact year, model and engine size. Alos tell us what you have checked etc. Just as a start, did you check if you have power to the relay?


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The Main Relay is controlled by the Computer, not the key directly. It is a dual relay, one half is for the fuel injection system and the other half is for the fuel pump. Please verify that when a friend turns on the key that you get power to one of the fuel pump wires, it will loose power in a couple of seconds. You can turn the key as many times as you like to check all the wires to be sure which one is the power.

Also if you are trying to start the engine by turning the key to start, where you crank and crank and crank for several seconds, you should also have power to the correct wire at the fuel pump during this cranking time. If you have no power with a simple key on engine off at the fuel pump or while cranking, then your new relay, a wire, or the computer is not doing its job, a bad computer will normally be a bad power or ground wire or blown fuse before a bad computer.

If the fuel pump comes on you should hear it, if you are back there at the connector, you should feel it pumping. WARNING, you may have power, about 12 volts going back there, you might have a dirty or weak or broken ground wire for the fuel pump so go ahead and jumper in an additional ground wire to a good ground at the connector also just to be sure.

Once is a while, the connector will be melted so be sure your male and female pins have good contact or you can completely unplug the connector and jumper in a power and a ground to diagnose a bad connector connection and if your pump works, start looking at an electrical problem, no fuel pump with direct jumpers, order a fuel pump as long as you are sure the relay is doing its job.

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Assuming your main relay was bad, or not, dont throw it away, they actually dont go bad, the solder cracks loosing contact, if you resolder the larger joints, it will last another 10+ years.


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