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The 5th generation 2011 Explorer bore similarity to the Explorer America concept's construction, and includes a unibody structure based on the D4 platform.

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Why is my car making a grinding noise and rpms jumping at the same tim

When driving my car, between 30-60 I get a grinding noise and then my rpms jump at the same time. What is wrong?

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I am not a transmission expert but I have been working on vehicles since I was old enough to hand my dad a wrench - 30 + years ago.

This sounds like your transmission is going out. Primarily 2nd and 3rd gear. Your gears are not fully seating, the gear that slides on a shaft between 2nd and 3rd that is. Your transmission will need to be rebuilt since metal shavings will ruin the trans lubricating system. The grinding is because the shift from 2nd to 3rd is not fully happening. The increase in RPMs is since the gears do not fully engage the power gear free spins based on motor RPM. With you having the gas pedal pressed for acceleration there is no resistance from gear shifting to keep the motor from obtaining high RPMs.


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To follow what Stephen Abbott is saying, if you drive it very easy during these gear changes, will it go normally or you seem to have this problem at all speeds, loads is the proper term?? Driving lightly or normally or heavily? If it needs rebuilt, get it off the road ASAP as it will only get worse and more expensive when additional hard parts inside need replaced due to being burned up, look at the color of your fluid and the smell, get some help to check it if you are unsure, the fluid is one of the first things to tell you that there are real problems.

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