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Asus notebook with windows 10 released 2015.

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How to replace fan

My laptop kept shutting off so I opened it up and seen that the wires are broken, I think from overheating? The red one connecting the fan is completely split in half, all the rest just look like the outside covering has melted. I put the laptop back together & now it smells like burnt plastic. I can buy a replacement fan but just don’t know how to replace it & don’t wanna ruin it more than it is. Please help. Thanks.

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@aveja04 you did not give us your laptops make and model. Here are instructions on how to get to it for the device you selected.

Burned wires etc. is not usually a sign of a bad fan. that sounds like there maybe other issues. Post some good pictures of your fan, wires, etc., with your question so we can see what you see

Adding images to an existing question

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Check if the fan port is still safe, and try not to use your laptop otherwise you’ll break it or in your case melt it and it can cause irreversible damage.

Since I have a similar model, I can guide you to replace your fan, I will highlight the main steps for now because I’m not at home.

You already took off the keyboard/mousepad so I will continue from there, now you need to remove these components:

  • Battery
  • Hard drive / SSD
  • Wifi
  • Optical drive
  • Screen cables
  • Any other cable connected with the motherboard (like extra USB ports)

As I remember the motherboard is a little bit tricky and you have to removed softly but since you melted some plastic and I don’t know what else, then you need to be careful with it, could you add a photo after you unplug everything from the Mobo?

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