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Samsung's flagship phone, the Galaxy S8. Released in April 2017.

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Looking for an app to modify screen area

Hello, here it's my problem :

I have a Samsung s8 with a green and red pixels malfunction but only half screen. So the color isn't a problem but the difference between these area is one. I've tried to amplify red pixel on all the screen but the difference remain..

So I wonder If it possible to get an app (with root or not) to only modify a selected screen area color on my phone ?

Thanks for answers

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IceTong 13  That will be extremely difficult to find. Your real solution here would most likely be a complete display assembly replacement Samsung Galaxy S8 Vervanging van het scherm

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Yeah I know but It's really expensive and this solution look so simple ..


Sure if an app would be available. In the meantime you probably have to either learn to live with it or spend the money.


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