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The W123 chassis covers 240D's, 300D's, 300TD's, 280E's, and several other models of Mercedes coupes, sedans and wagons from model years 1977 to 1985.

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Why does my engin cut out at just under 80 degrees

My ‘82, w123, 200 Manuel transpmission, cuts out at just under 80 degrees. When I start her up again I have to really rev it up to 3000rpm to stop it from repeating itself. I've just recently bought it so I'm not too clued up on what's going on, I feel I should mention that the interior cooling fan isnt working, and no it's not the fuse. I can only drive 5 kms before I have to stop and let it cool down for 20 mins.

I've tested the thermostat and it works correctly. What could it be?

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Improper cooling? The fan is designed to move air throughout, so maybe its heating up very fast. Check coolant as well. Maybe also see if the radiator is clogged/blocked.


Thank you Jessica

The fan runs at all times and I have checked the radiator, there aren't any blockages... but thank you.. I didn't mention that it has a carb and not fuel injected. Do you think that it could be a fuel issue or would you sway more to the cooling side?


Could be fuel issue as well, since you have to push the engine up to 3000rpm to keep it from cutting out. Check the fuel pump, and maybe also follow what cgulyash answered and try and collect data. Check the fuel, electrical, and (maybe) drivetrain systems, to see if anything looks odd.

Also, kind of cool for you to be keeping an old car on the road!

Good luck!


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Sounds like it’s running lean. Get a scan tool, or get somebody who knows how to use one to read your sensors and monitors. You could have a bad fuel pump, fuel filter, leaky intake manifold, bad injector(s), bad engine temp sensor, dirty mass air flow sensor etc. Need more info and it’s easy to get.

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Thank you cgulyash.

It has been fitted with an electric feul pump so that could be the issue.. I also forgot to mention that its a carberetor and not fuel injected... would the choke have anything to do with it?

Thanks again


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