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The first generation of the saloon style family sedan by swedish manufacturer Volvo.

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My 2005 volvo s40 air conditioning has become hot from cold

refrigerant seems to be full but air blows hot. I was parking my car and air was cold then all of a sudden there was a poof sound and air became really hot in an instant

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@linnyk to sound could have been a really, the fuse or even the belt. Check those things first. LEt us know if you can hear the AC compressor kick in. You can check that by opening the hood. Turn your AC off. Have someone start your vehicle and then look at the aC compressor. Have somebody turn the AC on and you should actually see the clutch engage and the compressor kicking in. Please keep in front of the vehicle, not the side! If a belt brakes it will whip your something fierce. You also want to keep your hands out of the engine compartment. If in doubt post some good pictures of your engine specifically the area where the belts are. Post those with your question. That way we can see what you see and can try to assist you further

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Same thing happened to my 2002 S40 and the a/c compressor siezed solid ,a temporary cure is just to disconnect the power supply plug to the unit . This is due to lack of oil in the system ,not the amount of gas,


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