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Repair and disassembly guides for Sony DVD players.

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Why does my DVD player only play 2 DVDs out of 20?

I have a 2002 Sony 5 Disc DVD/CD Player (DVP-NC615). It has a Precision Drive 2 System.


I have already taken it apart and cleaned it.

I do not have the remote.

Hasnt been used for a few years.

I have tried to play approximately 20 DVDs on it and only 2 will work.

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Typically this type of behavior is indicative of a failing laser. Try playing a number of standard CDs. If these all work without fail, it suggests that the laser is starting to weaken. If you have already cleaned the lens, then the “simple” fixes have already been applied. At this point, changing the optics assembly is the next step.

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I would like to note that I think it has to do with the fact that both the DVDs that work have a small "rise" in them. You know when you flip over a DVD and there is a ridge ? Both of these DVDs that work are double sided and play on the side that has that ridge up


Hi @missfixit90 ,

Did all the discs work before in the unit?

If not, here's a link to the user manual for the player.

Scroll to p.7 and p.8 to find information regarding which discs are compatible with the player


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