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The DKnight MagicBox II is a small portable Bluetooth speaker with Enhanced Bass and build in Microphone for hand free phone calls.

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What is the name of this component?

Please check the attached image, I have marked the component. I just need to know what is the name/model of this IC/Component. This burnt out, I can’t recognize its name/model. I want to replace by myself.


Block Image

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Sure looks like a DIode. You do want to go ahead and try to post a couple of images that are less blurry and are closer to the component.


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The photo is a bit blurry. Is there a map of this system board on its manufacturer’s website?

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The component you circled can be either a diode or transistor. It has 3 leads and is the SOT-23 case style. Look at the top and get the code that should be written there. Search for that code like this on google: “SMD CODE xx” where xx is the code you read. That should help to determine the part.


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