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Honda introduced the third-generation Odyssey for the 2005 model year. It grew in width and weight but retained the previous generation's length and interior space.

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Loss of freon in A/C system.

For 2 years I have been adding cans of freon (with stop leak). I fill per year was good for one summer.

Now a fill lasts only a couple of weeks. I took the 2016 Odyssey too a repair shop that did a pressure test on the system. They found no leaks. They suggested I do a fill with dye and check all the tubing and compressor with a U/V lamp.

Looking on Amazon for a U/V lamp I saw they also sell a freon detector unit. This looks like it would find a leak more readily than the U/V.

Any thoughts on this (and also a permanent fix) folks?


Geoff N

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geef2  both will work but the freon detector is a lot neater, requires less preparation and will not require any change/adding of refrigerant. The UV light requires the dye to actually leak out under pressure somewhere. So, for that you would want to make sure that your engine and AC plumbing is relatively clean. You would also need to add a considerable amount of dye refrigerant to your AC system for it to show under the UV light.

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You need to good to the auto store and install leak dye into the system. Wait until it is dark outside and use a leak lamp. Ask the auto store person what you need. They will sell you something or check it for you.

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