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Repair and disassembly information for amplifiers in home audio systems.

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Need to replace the transformer in my home theater amp.


New to this.

I got a surround sound system from a friend but seems like I need to replace the transformer in it. I am struggling to find a replacement. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Reason for me thinking I need to replace it is because it’s humming on all speakers. The humming alternates, louder then softer, less then more aggressive. Leads me to believe is mechanical humming, not ground or signal. Starts humming as soon as I switch the power on, even when inputs are removed. Humming does not change with volume adjustment.

Block Image

I don’t know much so your help will really be appreciated.

Attached a picture of the transformer.

Unit is a BNW MK-33.

Thanks again!

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The problem is not likely to be the transformer. A failure of that part would result in a completely non-functioning receiver. I would rather suspect a coupling cap that is bad as well as other components. Please post additional pictures of the insides. There could be a power supply problem, but I would suspect either the coupling cap or a problem in the final amp stage. If the problem was in the pre-amp stage, it would change with the volume control.


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Thank you very much.

I attached two pictures of the inside.

If you have any suggestions, I would be happpy to attempt to repair it.

Thank you.


I can't see any pics yet. Check to see that they posted and I'll take a look,



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