Need to replace broken Keyboard Connector (flip up plastic piece)

Sadly, I was messing with my keyboard due to the dreaded unresponsive keyboard / trackpad MBP A1211 problem and have broken the little flip up plastic piece that exerts pressure on the ribbon connector.

I was flipping it up and down in the process of trying to ascertain the cause of my problem and it just snapped in half :(

Where can I find a replacement for this? I'm sure it will cost many dollars for a 4cent molded plastic piece, but right now my keyboard went from somewhat unresponsive to not working at all.

here's a general pic:

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As a temporary fix you could use tape to apply pressure to the connector.

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The beforementioned trackpad/keyboard issue is usually down to a desoldert/defective USB chip on the little board underneath the trackpad. In most cases you'll need a new topcase anyway.

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I hope this isn't an answer to this question. I don't think you have a clue here.


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Hi David,

Sorry I am late to your repair but am posting this, hopefully to assist others with the same problem.

I had snapped off the little plastic tab latch that holds in the keyboard ribbon cable on a laptop, and found an easy way to fix it.

The same problem can occur on may different devices, such as CD players, laptop keyboard connectors, camera ribbon cable connectors, etc.

If you break off this little tab, the ribbon cable is not held in at all, and just falls out of the connector.

On the off chance that you have the same type of problem, check out my YouTube video I had posted last year. Not sure what is wrong with your connector. If it is the same problem, you can easily fix it in a few minutes.

Easy Ribbon Cable Connector Fix, Repair.

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looks like your video is no longer available.


I checked it a few minutes ago, it is there.


The link in the original post seems to have been cut off when it was posted.

After posting this, I can see that it is STILL cut off,

So I'll past the address portion after so that it is clear





This actually impared my whole keyboard. The plastic flap you suggest cuts off all connection on the A1278 keyboard. Your video is about another type of computer.


Hi Deatroy,

Please describe the model and connector you are having trouble with.

Ribbon cable connectors usually have only one set of contacts on the bottom downward side of the ribbon. It just needs to be forced down into the connector contacts. The thin plastic flip tab just pushed down on the ribbon cable wedging it in place. The plastic tab is thin, and easily broken off. When it is loose or breaks off, the cable is loose, and doesnt make a good electrical connection.

For others to find the video, search on youtube for

"easy ribbon connector fix repair" by austin_semiconductor.

Many have quickly made a plastic insert out of scrap plastic packaging, and fixed their computers, laptops, DVD players, cameras etc.





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