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Bubbelbaden, ook gekend als spas of onder de merknaam Jacuzzi, zijn baden met warm water, waar vaak luchtbellen in gevormd worden die een masseren effect teweeg brengen.

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What can I do to replace a circulating pump in goplus inflatable spa?

I used my spa three months and the circulating pump died. I have searched everywhere to find a replacement. I’ve emptied n refilled the hot tub. It heats but the warm water isn’t moving around like it is supposed to. It’s not inflated now as there’s snow outside but I really would love to fixit before Spring.

Update (02/10/2019)

It is still in warranty period but I am responsible for so many costs that I just can’t do it. It would cost almost as much as buying it again. However here is the information. The spa is a GoPlus model PH50017 / PH50018. 110V - 60Hz 1500W. Jet 600W/0.81HP. Heater 900W/1.22HP. I am willing to take it all apart n even if replacement won’t fit would buy an external pump n hose it in. If this even a thing. I’m pretty clueless but very mechanical . Thank you!!

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I had same problem. Took shop vac on blower setting and blew through the pump. Must’ve had a small clog as it cleared out and started flowing properly again. Unfortunately the heating element burned up and mine was only 3 weeks old! Like you said it’s not worth the work to return. Purchasing a saluspa instead as the pump is external and easier to replace if need be. Good luck


How do I access the pump inside the go plus

? There is a leak inside of it at the motor. Can’t get inside to reconnect hose, or whatever came undone? Can’t see in there either? Just need to know how to get to it! PLEASE!!


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Hi @printer2008 ,

Have you had the spa from new for only 3 months?

If so check the manufacturer’s warranty to see if it is still covered by the warranty period. If it is follow the directions in the warranty as to what to do to make a claim for a manufacturer’s warranty repair or replacement.

If it is not covered by the warranty what is the full model number of the spa and any information from the label on the pump?

Post some pictures of the pump label Here’s how to do this. Voeg afbeeldingen toe aan een bestaande vraag

Update (02/10/2019)

Hi @printer2008 ,

I can't find any replacement parts for your model spa so I suggest that you contact a Spa parts company -example only and talk with them regarding a suitable replacement pump.

I would also contact the distributor for your spa and express your disappointment that the product failed so soon and that there is such a cost to get it repaired under warranty. Without such feedback a lot of companies will continue to foist products on the market with a warranty that is not worth the paper it is written on. Your feedback will let them know that people are aware of what they're doing regarding warranty and will avoid their products which hopefully will make them pick up their act so as to stay in business

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Thank you so much! I will call them n meanwhile I will take out the bad pump n see if I can use it to show a parts dealer. I appreciate your help!


Were you able to fix this?? I have a 4 person GoPlus that I bought second hand... the original owners say they purchased it a few years ago so warranty's not valid anymore.

I don't even see how to access the pump without cutting a hole in the tub and being an inflatable, that's not wise obviously!!

Mine is barely warming, the digital read out was jumping ALL OVER though... and the water flow is barely there... pump is struggling hugely. I drained it and my ex took off the bubbles pvc and broke it on accident... we flushed intlet/outlet and found no obstructions. I just filled it and the glued bubbles pipe now leaks too and temp isn't raising barely at all... pump is still struggling.

If the pump is accessible, I'd really like to know how!!!

Please help if you can, I've had this 2 months and spent $275 on it :(


I spent $479.99 for a go plus 6 person inflatable. Took 2 weeks shipping to me, and then lasted 4 weeks.

Same issues. Struggling to heat, digital readout jumping all over and finally it just burned out. Replaced the GFCI plug with the exact same type and still didn't work.

After 3 days of back-and-forth, they offered be $200. I refused and demanded that my warranty be up held and was to receive a full refund. They agreed and I received my money back.

These inflatable are junk. This is the 2nd one I've bought. My 1st 1 was a Coleman and that pump had problems also with an error that couldn't be cleared, it lasted a year and a 1/2.

Just gonna save my money and buy a real one


I have the 6 person GoPlus and have used it for 8 months and now the heater will not warm the spa and the temperature guage jumps all over the place. Can you please provide me with the contact information for the manufacturer?


Hi @Janeiro Wooten,

Here is a link.

Good luck, Given what other people have commented on this page, getting it fixed under warranty may cost more than a new unit


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