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Repair guides and support for your Toshiba TV.

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Toshiba 50L1350UC Tv black screen , sound ok

Screen turns on normally for few seconds then goes black Flashlight shows words images on black screen Audio is normal What should I do next?

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my model number is 49L621U. I jumped the gun and changed out the Video/Main board. I will try a reset and go from there.


Reflow t con board worked for me . Took a couple goes for fix to stick though. 400-450 degrees


@jerrycienfield you did the flashlight test before you disassembled your Hitachi and could see the outlines etc. and the backing of the main board fixed that too? Or was yours a completely black screen with no outlines etc.?


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pharmoron  since you are seeing things when you are using a flashlight, it is clear that your backlight is out. This could be an issue related to the power board not providing power to the LED’s; the mainboard not supplying the signal to turn the backlight on (unlikely) or a failed backlight array. Test the LED connector on the power board with a voltmeter (DC voltage) and let us know what values you get.

Toshiba is another black helicopter company that is absolutely paranoid about DIY’ers and of no help at all. We will rely on you to provide images of your boards as well as the voltages etc. Voeg afbeeldingen toe aan een bestaande vraag

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