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A portable e-book reader developed by Amazon. Repair is straightforward and requires only prying tools and screwdrivers.

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cord does not fit

the part of the cable which should fit in the kindle is not fitting. it seems to be blocked. it is the correct cable

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@einekels Try a different micro USB cable just to be sure it is not the cable, because the cable could just be a little bit deformed.


@einekels carefully check the cable on either end as well as the board connector. See if you have any bend or broken pins etc.


There is a piece of plastic fixed in the charging port. The paper white kindle is about a yr old but only used on holiday so not been used much this is the first charge for it.


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Alright, so let’s check out the port area and clean it from any obstruction that may be blocking the cable from charging your kindle. Also, could you please upload an image of what the charging port looks like? Voeg afbeeldingen toe aan een bestaande vraag

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