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Device repair information for the 1080p 60" Projection TV by Mitsubishi with model number WD-60737.

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How to realign the picture on the screen?

Ok so I bought a new chip to replace the old one on the back but when I screwed everything back on the picture was not aligned anymore and there was too much going one one or another way. How can I put the screws back in correctly so the picture is aligned correctly and no edges are out?! Is there someone I can call to come out and fix it for me or is there a video that shows how to correctly angle the screws back on, what’s up?

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pappyjonse  sounds to me like you are saying you replaced the DLP chip. Something like this

Block Image

In that case there should be some adjustments you can make from within your TV’s setting menu. The chip etc. does not provide any adjustments. There usually is no adjustment necessary after replacing the DLP IC. Of course you did connect everything as it is supposed to be etc. Always double check your work. Take a look on here and follow those instructions. Male sure that you do have the right chip as well as you know it is in good condition.

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I’m not sure what chip you are referring to here. The set that you posted under is a DLP set which typically requires a lamp replacement, but not a “chip”. These lamps have only a few screws and can only be installed one way. Can you further describe what was changed? Also, a few pictures would help.


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Hey dan, sure I can! Ok when I installed a new chip then put the screws back on the picture was lopsided, too much on this side or that side and there would be a black line on the side or above one the sides depending on the alignment of the five screws in back! Never put the screws back where they were at original and now the picture has gaps on the top side of the screen showing where the image ends.


Oh sorry i didn't know I put this in lamp parts I just add the question thingy look for help not realizing what I did!


I'm still unclear what you mean by a "chip". Can you post a picture of the part that you replaced?


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