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High performance tablet computer released by Apple on November 11, 2015. Model A1584.

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iPad Pro 12.9" Difficulty Separating Shattered Display from Chassis

Hello Everyone,

I'm running into difficulty separating the shattered display from the chassis. The iFixit directions don't exactly take that into account. Yes tape will help keep the glass from falling out, but the surface isn't perfectly smooth. In turn, the suction cup can't hang on tight enough.

I've used clear packing tape to coat the screen, and reapplied it along the left edge numerous times throughout the adhesive heating process (NOTE: heating the adhesive strips will cause the tape adhesive to soften as well). With each attempt I end up slowly pulling a bubble into the tape (cracks beneath are allowing air to enter as the adhesive gives way). I've removed the tape and reapplied a new strip to try again and again, heating the adhesive between each attempt. Still no such luck.

I decided to set it aside for now while I chew on the problem. My next idea is to use aluminum tape (used for HVAC ducting) rather than clear packing tape.

Anyone have any better ideas? I'm all ears/eyes! Thanks

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Great ideas! Thank you, Arthur

I'll give it another go and post a follow-up :-)


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Hi Aaron,

I totally understand your frustration.

One thing you can do is to superglue the suction cup (or something you can pull up on) to the tape layer.

You can try to carefully chip a tiny corner out of the cracked glass using a dentist pick or sharp nail. Be careful not to work beyond a quarter inch of the edge as you may hit vital parts. Once you have a hole, push the point of a spudger into it and hopefully that will release the adhesive near the hole. Use opening picks to release the rest of the display.

Good luck!

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