Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus. Identifiable by the model numbers A1549, A1586, and A1589.

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iPhone 6 not booting

I have iphone is dead not booting up.

I plug in dc power supply it 0amp and after push power on it show dc power supply 0.9amp.

It maybe have short line in motherboard.

What line is probably short?

Of course vcc_main not short.

What line is caused it make the phone not booting up?

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did it have any liquid damage etc


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There are so many potential issues that could cause a "dead phone". There is no silver bullet or "solution", you're going to have to work hard on this one.

If you suspect a logic board issue, check PP_BATT_VCC, PP_VCC_MAIN (which you already did) and PP5V0_USB. I would start by checking to see if those rails are shorted to ground. If one of these rails is shorted to ground, then you will need to identify what is causing the short. It could be a bad decoupling capacitor, conductive debris or defective IC that is directly supplied by those rails.

Then you move onto the PMIC and check the voltage rails it generates:

  • The PMIC generates ~15 voltage rails. They are all important (for obvious reasons) but the ones to check first are as follows: PP_CPU, PP_GPU, PP1V8_SDRAM, PP1V2_SDRAM, PP_VAR_SOC, PP0V95_FIXED_SOC, PP3V0_Tristar, PP3V0_NAND, PP1V8_ALWAYS and PP1V0.
  • The PMIC also generates, what I would consider secondary, yet still important voltage rails for the following sub-systems: PP3V0_MESA, PP1V8_VA_L19_L67, PP3V0_PROX_ALS, PP3V0_PROX_IRLED, PP3V0_IMU, PP3V3_USB. PP3V3_ACC is not necessary.

If you still don't have any shorts, then look at the outputs from the Baseband PMU.

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Ok..i have check PP_GPU and it no have voltages.. i compare will good board use diode mode reading 150 and bad board is 100 in probably that line is some short?

Correction 0.09A..not 0.9A


PP_GPU is a low resistance line and is only powered when the screen is on. Your readings are fine.


Thank you minho


It probably tristar fail?


Have you checked the PMIC and BBPMU? If everything looks good, then try to replace the most likely IC's, like the Tristar.


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