2.3GHz, 2.6GHz, or 2.7GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.7GHz) with 6MB shared L3 cache.

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Replaced keyboard, but a connection was broken in the process

OK, I thought I'd be smart and replace my laptop keyboard by myself and when I "ripped" out the old one, one of the battery connections also ripped out. It's not the main battery connection but the smaller one. Any idea if I can MacGyver this? Solder or glue or anything like that? Argh! I was sooo close too!

If only it were that easy... and believe me I've been brainstorming!

I took some pics to show you. And you're going to wonder about me now. I have more than the one issue, as you will see in my pics. I should have taken it to a repair shop but I figured, hey it couldn't be that hard. Doh!

Let me see if I can figure out how to post these pics.

Block Image

Block Image

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I like bubble gum and paper clips for my MacGyver repairs ;-}


Can you post some pics of the part that's damaged and where it connects to so we can see whats up.

Adding images to an existing question The more detailed the better


Thx for taking the time Dan!


Something funky happened to the image.... like it posted negative or something. Let me try again!


Dats betta! I had to add the pic to the first part of this thread, it wouldn't let me add it here or in the last few comments. Oh well, it's been one of those days... or weeks.


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Given all your problems I'm not sure your system is economically repairable!

The trackpad ribbon cable can be replaced so thats easy! You'll need to take the battery out and carefully lift the black plastic insulator sheet under the battery (if it has it) to gain access to the trackpad its self. Then you can replace the ribbon cable Trackpad Flex Cable #821-1610-0

Block Image

The keyboard ribbon cable connector on the logic board maybe damaged there is a plastic clamp which you need to lift up then slide the ribbon into the slot and then fold the clamp back down. If you broke off the clamp you need someone with better skills and access to the part to replace the connector or you'll need a new logic board - Ouch!

Block Image

Your last problem is not very clear as there are four connectors

Block Image

Did you damage one of the three antenna cables or the iSight camera cable? Or are you have a hard time getting the cable to connect?

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Hi Dan! OMG! Thank you!

I didn't see the little clamp for the keyboard connection. So that worked! It was intact, thank goodness!

The issue with the trackpad sounds fixable, but I was told that the batteries are glued in. I'm amazed that I can just have the cable replaced and not the whole assembly. Thx for that link! Do you think this is something I can do or should I just leave it to a professional? I hate to push my luck!

And as for issue 3 - the antenna cables all connected fine, it's just the little connector underneath them that's supposed to connect to the logic board that won't connect. It looks like it "slides" into position or something when I look at it under a loop. I take it this is the camera connection? No biggie if it doesn't


Again, you're a life saver and I appreciate you taking the time to help me with this!!


@suzer - Taking the battery out is not easy! But it is doable! Here's the IFIXIT guide: MacBook Pro 15" Retina Display Mid 2012 Battery Replacement. Do be careful with the solvent you don't want it to get into the keyboard, use a little at a time.

Before you do this why don't you first see if the battery needs replacing as you might as well 'Kill two birds with one shot' ;-}

First you'll need to get what you have working and use a USB mouse since your trackpad is out of commission. Download this gem of an app: CoconutBattery. If you've got over 700 cycles it makes sense to just replace the battery as well.


Awesome advice! Thx Dan. Just one more question if I could.. I've been hesitant to hook up the battery incase a connection is not right and I short something out. Do you thinkI can go ahead and connect the battery and give it a go? Should I make sure that the camera connection is not touching the motherboard at all? Thx again.... I will check out the sites and app for the battery. Good idea.


Just make sure you haven't pinched any wires or forgotten any screws.

You should fine with either the MagSafe and/or Battery. I'll warn you the fan will run hard and the system will be sluggish as SMC is missing the thermal sensors on the trackpad. Just don't run it too long. You only want to see what's happening with the cycle count.


OK, good to know.... thx!


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