The fourth-generation Surface Pro tablet, released October 26th, 2015.

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Surface not turning on - burned diodes

Hi dear ifixit users!

I have an Problem with my Surface. It's not turning on anymore after someone changed the screen on it. I quickly dissasembled it and spotted these 3 diodes that looked burned (I circled them in for you too):

Block Image

Block Image

Now my questions is can anyone tell me which diodes these are? I want to try to replace these 3 to see if it works again. It's currently not even turning on even with the charger plugged in. The Charger lights up tho. Do you guys think this might be the solution that fixes it? Or might be there something that is also broken that doesnt let the surface start?

Thanks in advance

Update (04/21/2018)

(Here I will attach any extra Pictures that are asked to keep the first Post clean)

Block Image

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@md20 for now I would stop trying to do anything with this board. It will be complicated to find the right parts since a schematic and/or board view would be needed for that. Those are still a bit hard to come by. Also, you must consider the reason why those components have failed. There could be further underlying issues with the board. Yes, I do agree that the failed components are a reason why you cannot get any signs of life from your Surface pro 4. Post some clear close ups of those components for us to see.

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Hi I understand your point of view but since these diodes are often only a few cents worth it's worth a try. :-) I read on another iFixit user's post that someone couldn't power his SP4 up with only the battery but with only the charger and that he had to replace on of the diodes (which are according to the Internet MBR0540 40V 0.5A SOD-123 SMD Diodes) and it worked again. Since I am not sure tho if all of these are the above named diodes I do not want to risk it to totaly short it. It would be handy to know if all of these tree diodes are the above named diode.


@md20 I totally agree with you. That is the reason why this site even exist. We are all trying to fix device that the manufacturers do not give us enough information about. It is really not uncommon that devices fail because of components that only cost a few pennies. The issue is that we do not know what those components are. I would never suggest to ever give up. Repairs like this are just not easy and quick to figure out hence the need to take a closer look at your board.


@oldturkey03 Yeah indeed I agree with you on that. They all look the same but since I do not have another Board to take meassures I can not say that these are 100% the same :/ I ordered the above named Schkotty Diodes tho I mean a few bucks for 50 Diodes is not going to make me poor :D Still waiting for someone to confirm it tho that these are the same diodes so I can put them on the board and test it out


@md20 any chance you can zoom in onto those components? Maybe we can help you out with further identification.


@oldturkey03 Tomorrow I will try to make an sharper close up image but I zoomed into the previous picture on my phone which I uploaded on here already and cropped it to that part where the burned out diodes are. The picture had a better quality on my phone so a lot more details can be seen this way. I hope you can see and maybe identify them. I made an seperate comment where I attach all the other pictures that are asked to so the first post stays clean.


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