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Repair guides and support for Panasonic's Viera line of televisions.

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Why does my tv turn off and turn back on again continuously

My Panasonic plasma tv turns itself off and then back on again continuously

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I have this problem too with my Panasonic TX-P42GT30B Viera Plasma. The set standby starts to click intermittently and the screen goes black for several seconds. Even when the TV is switched off on standby it continues to make a clicking sound on it's own. When I record programmes onto a hard drive when on standby, there are gaps in the recording corresponding to these interruptions. I've sent the TV to the dealer on two occasions but they can't find any problem with the set. I bought a new remote and surge protector and change the power socket but nothing has changed. Very frustrating!


Turan automatically off


dewasibharat03 what is it that turns automatically off? A TV? What make? What model? What have you checked? how long until it turns itself off? Need more information to be of any help to you.


If I turn my Panasonic viera off and try to turn it back on it just makes a clicking sound like it's coming on then makes the noise again sometimes it takes a hour or so to get it to come back on like it soppose to. What could be the problem or reason for this?


The screen is a little cracked


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@halilh68 could be a bad power board, bad IR board or a bad remote. Try a different remote first and see if that helps. Also let us know the exact model of your TV and if it has the capabilities to connect to a network and does auto updates etc. In that case, you want to turn that stuff right off. If it does not, then unplug it and remove the back. Check your boards for obvious damage, like leaking or domed looking capacitors etc. Post some images of all of your boards and post those with your question. Use this guide Voeg afbeeldingen toe aan een bestaande vraag for that. It will allow us to see what you see.

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My Panasonic LED model TH42ETSD, also having same problem, power board was changed, but tv still restarts initially after 90 minutes and then after 20 minutes, power board was damaged due to lightening. Kindly guide ?


I had the same problem on a different TV. It turned out to be caused by a single malfunctioning LED on an LED back light strip. My qualified brother bypassed that one LED and it worked again. But all the whole strip soon failed and all the back light LED strips needed to be replaced. What you need to understand is capitalist have these products designed to break after a certain period to encourage more sales of new units. They don't want you to repair them, which is why the first things to go, are usually the hardest to access and repair.


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Had the same problem, thought it was the neighbour’s kids with a new gadget. Finally covered up the infra red receiver on the TV (where it kept flashing from green to red), and took all the remotes out of the room, and turned the TV on manually. Worked fine, so I took the remotes one by one back into the room and narrowed it down to the Amazon Fire Stick remote, which I hardly ever use, so problem solved! When I can be bothered I’ll check the batteries and maybe reboot it.

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It might be a sticking button on the remote.

Use a digital camera or the camera in a mobile phone to check if the IR LED in the remote is on permanently.

Turn on the camera (or open the app) and then point the IR LED towards the camera lens.

When viewing the remote in the camera's (or phone's) LCD screen you can see the IR LED turn on and off if you press and release any button on the remote.

Try this on your good remote in case the IR LED is on all the time and you're not sure


I did the same removed all remotes from the room then brought them back in one by one and low and behold it was the amazon remote!


Thank you Kenneth, this was driving me crazy all day, I thought I needed a new tv! The tv was turning on and off as I walked by also!  Very weird.  The dog has chewed up the Amazon fire tv remote over the past few months, and I guess it finally started acting up!


Haha funny reading this thread . I have same issues . Removed batteries out of remotes and thought that will fix it but no , turned on off again . Thought was next door neighbour messing about like the chap said above. Finally took batteries out of Amazon and that was then culprit. Thanks for advice everyone


Hi my story is pretty basic but might help somebody. I had to move my panasonic TV to move some stuff around and then when it was ready to use again at first it would not turn on and then if it did turn on within 5 minutes it would go off. I checked all the plugs were in properly and they were and so i changed the batteries in the remote as i found that when the TV was on if i pressed guide on the remote the TV would turn off. So then i saw some messages on here about the fire stick and i literally put the TV in standby and then turned it back on using the fire stick remote. Pleased to say that the TV came on and everything then went back to normal so give it a try put your Tv in standbye and turn it on through firestick remote. Good Luck everyone and let me know if it worked for you.


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Hi @mkjl22,

If the same problem is occurring on two different makes of TV then there is either a problem with the power supply to the TV or perhaps there is some IR (infra red) interference going on with the signals being received by the TV.

You didn’t state how long it is on for before it turns off and then turns on again, but initially try blocking the IR “window” that is usually found on the bezel below the screen to see if this stops the problem. Use a piece of cardboard or even a picture or book etc. Look in the TV user manual to find out where it tells you to point the remote control unit to on the TV so you know roughly where it is. Use the TV control buttons to operate the TV

If doing this stops the problem remove the batteries from all the remote controls in the room e.g. TV remote, Firestick remote (if any)and then unblock the IR window on the TV and check. If it stops replace the batteries in one remote at a time (I think that the TV remote would be OK as it happened on a different model TV before which would mean a different remote).

Also if disabling all the remotes doesn’t stop it but blocking the IR window did, then are there are any CFL lights (Compact Fluorescent Light) in the room? Check if they cause the TV to malfunction when they are switched on and off. Malfunctioning CFL lighting can cause IR signals to be emitted which may cause interference.

If blocking the IR window in the TV doesn’t stop the problem, try connecting the TV directly to a different power outlet i.e. not via a powerboard (powerstrip?) and if possible also not on the same power feed from the power box (different fuse or circuit breaker). You may have to use an extension cord to try this.

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I have worked out what it is, it’s my boiler when it kicks in to do what it’s does that’s when it shuts my tv off think I’m going to try a surge plug see if that helps.




I think it is more a case of the power supply dropping until the boiler has settled down rather than the power surging so a surge protector may not help.

Not sure about how it is where you are but where I am the boiler usually has its own fuse in the power box i.e. separate power feed from power box and is not connected to the same fuse or feed as the power outlets for appliances etc in the premises.

This could cause a momentary lowering of the voltage when it starts which may be affecting anything else connected on the same supply.

Maybe worth a check if it should be like this also where you are.

If it has got its own fuse then maybe there is something wrong with the boiler or the supply to the premises as the boiler starting shouldn't affect anything else. Perhaps insufficient power supply to the premises e.g. maybe 2 phase supply is required to the premises if only a single phase is being supplied so as to distribute the load more evenly between the supplies and not overload it when the boiler starts.

Just some thoughts


I just put a piece of tape over the tv infrared and that works. Thank you for the infrared info.


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I cut a hole on the back of the tv where the power board is and glued on a 5 volt usb fan .. used caulking to glue it and plugged the usb in a usb jack at the back of the tv fan is now exhausting heat out of the tv. and the fan only comes on when i turn on the tv. i know it needs a new power board but this has worked for me for a year now and has not done a restart since.. take the back cover off before cutting the hole so not to damage the power board.. actualy instaled the fan just above the power board. my tv is a panasonic tcp60gt30 and it has no internal fans.

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I have to different makes of tv and every time I change channel or something like that it turns on my bedroom tv


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