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My Cherry Mobile Flare S5 is stuck in a bootloop(?) after water damage

Hello! Good day! Sorry to be a bother ;~;

So, a funny thing happened. My phone fell into a pail of water for approximately 5-10 seconds before I finally fished it out. (It honestly felt like forever, though. And, I was so traumatized to move. Gosh.) To my surprise, it didn't turn off like I expected to. And the screen didn't crack; though it's screen protector did. (RIP, my temporary savior.) So, being the oblivious nit that I am, I thought that it was okay. So, I opted to take off its back cover and all the user friendly removable bits (the SD Card, battery, and SIM card. There's no way I'm opening that). Oh, I also removed the screen protector for its eventual burial. Then, laid it out in the open, under a fan.

ANYWAYS, after a few hours where all the worrying actually seeped through, I checked the phone - popped the battery in, yadda yadda. But, it never did actually go to the home screen. It was stuck on the android logo then it just went black and restarted. I admit, I ended up panicking. So, I tried that thing - the Recovery Mode thing. Yeaaaah, didn't work. Couldn't get into it. I mean, the option to actually go into Recovery Mode was an a-okay. Getting to it? No. It just flashed the logo, black screen, restart.

So, yes. I'm at my wit's end. It's a fairly new phone. And, I honestly use it for everything (contacts, projects, assignments, personal entertainment, etc.). And it's new. I honestly don't want to replace it since it's the second phone I've had since I broke my old one. (Two. Weeks. RIP Sammy.)

Please, please, help ;~;

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Hi @ayano ,

The only way to possibly get your phone working properly again is to clean it properly, by dis-assembling it and using IPA 90%+ to clean all the affected parts as outlined below

The water causes corrosion and provides circuit paths for the electricity which were not in the phone's operating design and could damage the components.

First do not turn on your phone and then you need to with the phone turned off, remove the battery as soon as possible from the phone to minimize further damage.''

Then you need to dis-assemble the rest of the phone and clean all the affected parts using Isopropyl Alcohol 90%+ (available at most pharmacies) to remove all traces of corrosion and water. Do not use "rubbing alcohol" as in some cases this is <70%, can contain scents and is not as effective. If you do check the label to verify the amount

Here is a link that describes the process.

Electronics Water Damage

As always with electronics, especially surface mounted PCBs be gentle when handling and especially when brushing away the corrosion. You do not want to remove any components from the board.

Hopefully after you have done all this the phone might possibly work correctly again.

If this process seems too daunting, take your phone to a reputable, professional phone repair service experienced in water damage repair and ask for a quote for a repair. If you decide to do this, do it sooner than later.

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