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Repair and disassembly information for amplifiers in home audio systems.

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How to fix a protect display

I have a onkyo tx sv424

Gow i can fix it

I have CONNECT a pair of tower speaker that never used or test BEFORE,

Do you think that speaker can blow a power transistor and display now protect on display

Any ideas

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@flamini yes it is possible. Using speakers with incorrect impedance or running it at excessive volume can trigger the protection circuit. When it goes into protect mode the amp will shut down with the standby light blinking. You did not tell us if you got out of the protect mode or if you need help with that.

Update (02/17/2018)

@flamini try this:

  • Unplug the receiver's power cord from the wall and leave unplugged for at least one hour. Remove all speaker and audio cables from the back of the receiver while waiting.
  • Reconnect the power cord after at least one hour has passed. Leave the speaker and audio cables disconnected.
  • Turn the receiver on and turn the volume to the maximum setting. Leave the receiver on for 30 seconds. If the receiver shuts off and goes back into protect mode you will need to contact your Onkyo dealer.
  • Turn the volume back to the minimum setting and turn off the receiver.
  • Unplug the power cord from the wall and then reconnect the speaker and audio cables.
  • Plug the power cord back in and then power then turn on the receiver.

from here

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Well i can not get it out of protect mode,

The volume is low and connect wires bk and red, so the speaker should be ok rigth, is the amp


I guess i can not fix it.

door worked


Har en onkyo tx840 9.2 av resiver som har gått i protekt mode. Har prøvd å koble fra alt av kabler. Ventet 2 timer. Så koblet jeg til strø kabelen å slo den på. Den går framdeles i protekt mode. Noen råd hadde vert fint. Mvh Tom.


Super hned se mi to spustilo a hraje ,děkuji moc,


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It's possible to bypass the protective mode on any onkyo receiver here is how you do

Operation of Self—diagnostic

Self-diagnostic will start at the timing of next power on, after goes to the protect mode by Current detection or DC voltage detection.

Only On/Standby key could work in this mode. Also remote control does not work.

However, the CLEAR operation is enabled.

During Self-diagnostic, the power supply for amplifier circuit become low voltage state(SEC1-LOW), and the speaker relay will be turned off. Then, MPU will check each amplifier circuits internally by entering the test signal (20 kHz,-20 dBFS sine wave) to each channel from DSP.

MPU will judge the amplifier circuit is good or not from VOLH value.

The normal range of VOLH value is 0.04 V < VOLH < 0.20 V.

If VOLH value is in the out of this range, it will be judged as NG (No good).

No problem found

When protected by current detection, and no problem found, "CHECK SP WIRE“ will be displayed in this State, Only the On/Standby key is effective. And it do not anything for 3 minutes, unit goes into stand by automatically.

When protected by a DC voltage detection, and no problem found, unit goes into normal operation.

Problem found

When judged as there is a problem on any channel, the information of channel that has a problem will be displayed. In this State, Only the On/Standby key is effective. Also remote control does not work. if do not anything for 3 minutes, unit goes into standby automatically. This state will keep also after unit turn on/off, or AC unplugged.

The power supply for the amplifier becomes low voltage state and the speaker relay will be turned on.

Repair Process and How to Confirm

Confirmation of the protect cause

While NG channel is displayed, You can confirm the protect cause by following the step below

1. Press the Enter button

2. The protect cause are displayed for 5 seconds.

Please check the around of those amplifier circuit and repair it.

Clear of NG CH information

After repair, you can clear NG CH information by following the steps below.

1. Press the On!Standby key while pressing the Enter key.

2. Display as in the right figure appears.

3. Unit goes into Standby automatically after 5 seconds.

Self-diagnostic will start again at the timing of next power on.

By this, You can verify whether repair was properly or not.

If problem found after repair, please re-check the around of its circuit.

Cancel of Self-diagnostic

You can cancel this mode by clear operation (press Standby key while pressing CBL/SAT key)

After cancel this mode, receiver will be started as normal operation.

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