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9th generation of Chevrolet's full sized SUV, based on the GM GT800 platform.

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Oxygen sensors location places

Locations of oxygen sensors on a 1996 chevy c1500 5.7

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@symphony2627 best to see and to get to with the vehicle on a lift.

Block Image

Oxygen sensors bank 1 is any sensor upstream the catalytic converter and bank 2 is downstream. you'll have one before and one after the catalytic converter. Even so the attached image shows a dual exhaust it also applies to single exhaust but will of course only have two sensors. This video might help you further.

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Am curious why the site says this answer was unaccepted... seems like it shows exactly where they are...


Probably because it is incorrect.

Bank 1 and Bank two refer to the primary exhaust pipes coming off each exhaust manifold.

On this vehicle, and any GMT800, Bank 1 refers to the Left or Driver's Side; Bank 2 refers to the Right or Passenger Side.

Sensor 1 and Sensor 2 are also called the Upstream and Downstream sensors.

Sensor 1 is the Upstream sensor and is located before the Catalytic Converter.

Sensor 2 is the Downstream sensor and is located after the Converter.


@Charles Colfax looks like that is what the answer says.


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