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Screen freezes and pixilates.

My original 360 will turn on, but after about three to five minutes, it will completely seize up, and there is an aweful buzzing noise coming from my speakers. The screen also becomes distorted with lines running through it. If Anyone can help I would be appreciative, thank you.

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it sounds like you are on the fast track to getting rrod.

They sell a fix kit Here you might want to try. And a guide for it here. Hope all goes well.

Good Luck,


Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Fix Kit Afbeelding


Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Fix Kit


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+ agree with Cody on that one.


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That fix is not permanent. In fact, not even a reball with leaded solder is permanent, albeit it's the longest-lasting solution.

This method is basically just forcing the motherboard to warp so that the broken solder joints under the GPU touch.

A reflow of the GPU is a way better fix. Most people charge $35-40 for this on craigslist. Make sure they use a real reflow station with a real preheater and not a heatgun with electric griddle.

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