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The Polaroid Cube is a splash-resistant, shockproof, and mountable camera that takes 6 megapixel pictures and shoots videos in 720p or 1080p HD.

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Polaroid cube battery type. Anyone knows it?

My Polaroid cube's battery is almost dead. The camera only works for a few short minutes before it beeps and turns off. I was thinking replacing the battery might revive the camera, but I couldn't find its exact type. Does anyone know what kind of batteries are used in these Polaroid cube cameras?



Update (02/26/2018)

Well, it looks to me that no one seems to make these small batteries.

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@bog_008 use this guide to Polaroid Cube Battery Replacement to work on it. The battery is a Fuji 402424 Lithium ion (Pouch)battery 240mA 4.8V

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Thanks, mate! Much appreciated! :)


Where can I purchase the battery?


Shih-Chung Lee you can try a search by the battery number or you can try and match it based on physical size and capacity on places like etc


Thanks. So far no luck on searching...


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Maybe this one.

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