Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus. Identifiable by the model numbers A1549, A1586, and A1589.

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Home button and wifi problems after changing my screen

Hello everyone,

I have changed a bricked screen of an iphone 6, (i changed some more screens and i have no problems) and when i turned it on, the home button is not working, the Touch ID is OK. And i can't enable wifi. When i try to enter settings, it freezze for some seconds and then crash. I need to make about 8-10 attemps to enter in Settings.

Some tests that i made:

1) I put all the new screen with the bad home button in another iPhone 6 and it works!!!

2) I put back the home button,the front camera, etc. in the broken screen(original) and it doesn't work.

3) I put another wifi Antenna, and i can't enable anyway.

Please, i don't know what is bad with the iPhone, can anyone help me?

Tks buddies!

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Most likely you have to remove and reball / replace the Wifi IC. Heating it (Reflow) will most likely not work as there is underfill on the IC and heating it will cause the solder joints to expand and create more issues by bridging them.

You should google a reputable repair shop that does this type of repair locally if you can find one or use a mail in service. You can find several here on Ifixit business pros that will offer a reputable repair and most have a no fix / no charge policy.

There are also other components surrounding the Wifi IC that could cause the greyed out Wifi (Bluetooth spins but no connect). Without Microsoldering experience or tools of the trade will most likely cause further damage.

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I'm guessing this phone was obtained second hand from someone?

Sounds like an issue caused by liquid damage from previous owner.

Wi-Fi issue can also be caused by liquid damage on the board. It's hard to tell but maybe someone here can help you with the board level issues which require micro soldering to fix.

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Thanks fow your answer. Is something unusual i know. My nephew is the iphone owner. I will ask him if he had a problem before.

I hope someone can help me here. We have a a good challenge to resolve.


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I guess it fell on the ground (screen crack), this could also be the reason.

Look at the homebuton connector if it is damaged or corrupted.

You could carefully try to heat up the wifi chip, but that is one of the last solutions to try.

Good luck!

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But the same homebuton in other iphone, works!

I changed the wifi antenna and it neither doesn't work.


I meant the connector on the logicboard


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