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The Microsoldering Shop

Specializing in Microsoldering repairs like Touch Disease, Ghost Touch, Searching (No Service), Not powering on, No Back-light, Not Charging (Fake Charging) NAND upgrades and reprogramming and more...


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The Microsoldering Shop stands out among the competition by offering you a technical service that most cannot and will not perform.

From Logic Board level repairs to the basic screen replacement at a fraction of the cost.

We stay competitive by keeping a low overhead by only charging Labor, allowing the customer to shop for the best price on their parts with no markup.

An experienced technician will help guide you towards the best deal on parts you order and aid you in making an educated decision.

Then, you bring or mail your device and part(s) for your appointment, knowing exactly what the price of your service is in advance.

We offer a 30 day labor warranty on repairs and if we can't fix it there's no charge


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