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Revamped version of the iPhone 3G with faster processing speeds. Repair of this device is similar to the 3G, and requires simple screwdrivers and prying tools. Model A1303 / 16 or 32 GB capacity / black or white plastic back.

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lcd dark on iPhone 3GS

I changed my broken lcd on my iphone 3gs, the light was working fine, but when I put the new lcd on its on but very dark, I tried another lcd and its the same.

so I took an lcd from a working phone and that too is dark, When I put the lcd back on the working phone it also became dark.

I am using OEM lcd

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tanya, just wondering if this was still a problem or if you got it fixed.


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hmmm. do you switch the phone off, while replacing the LCDs? if not, you might have blown something inside...

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Do you notice any corrosion on the #1 connector? Mainly bottom row, second or third pin from the right.

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