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Released February 2015. Model numbers XT1527, XT1514, XT1523, and XT1506.

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An app prevents me from using my phone

Hi!!! mom is having trouble using her phone. Everytime she tries something pops up on her phone. It says that an app (360 security app) something wrong. So she presses okay button nd it js doesn't stop. It keeps popping up. So she cant use her phone at all. Wat is it? Wat do i have to do so it goes away???? Please help!!!!! Its been like this for almost 2 months now.

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@sassyg808 To reset the phone, power it off first. When you try to boot it back up press and hold the volume down key at the same time as the power key, release the power key once it starts and release the vol - when it gets to the recovery screen. From there highlight the reset option using the volume + or - (touch does not work in recovery) and select using the power key, confirm again using the power key.

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You have to put the phone on safe mode which will disable all downloaded apps. To do this power off your device and the power it on, while its powering on after it vibrates for the first time hold the volume up and down button in amd wait untill the phone boots with small text on the bottom left saying safe mode. After this go into your setting and delete the app 360 security or any other that could be causing problems and then reboot the phone it will go back to normal.

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K...i tried that....not wrking...the thing still pops i still cant do nothing....


Nd it !#^&@! me off..cuz i cant remove da batteries on dis phone.


Is there anything else i can do???


You could completely reset her phone, but that would mean that she'll loose all data that's not stored on a SD card or that's not backed up on a Google account.


K...I'll try it later...Thank you!!!


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