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The third generation of the Samsung Galaxy Note phablet series released September 25, 2013. Identifiable by the model number N9005.

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powers on leds still work but the screen is black

about a month ago i bought a samsung galaxy note 3 off of craigslist. i was able to use it for 2 days and it was great... and then my friend accidentally threw a basketball at it and the screen went black, but i was still getting notifications and calls and the led on the top still blinks. i have basically tried everything the internet has said to try, like the battery discharge thing, pushing really hard on the display, charging it, various different key combinations, taking it apart and reattaching all of the pins i even cleaned the pins with isopropyl alcohol and nothing has worked. but then just yesterday i tried booting it up and i saw a little crack looking thing light up for about 10 seconds while changing colors faster than the human eye can see, then i tried it again and it happened, but since then it hasn't showed up so i think my problem is the lcd or the digitizer. so i have been looking and ive noticed the prices vary quite a bit. so what i was wondering is would i need to get a new "lcd front glass" or an "lcd and digitizer combo" (also i live in canada so it would be graet if you could send me canadian links if possible")

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First of all "LCD and front glass" is the same as "LCD & digitizer combo".

Second, the plroblem is the LCD panel.

The iFixit guide has links to the iFixit store, that seems to sell the parts you need. If you prefer a different option, here's one of the many items.

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Lucky you. The Canadian iFixit store opened just this month:

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