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Nintendo handheld device released February 2011, identified by model number CTR-001.

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Why does my 3DS screen glitch out every so offen?

It will flicker black a few times than back to the game I was playing

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Did you drop it or did you or someone else tear it down at some point? Also, is it the upper or the lower screen that's bothering you?


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Which screen is glitching out?

It's most likely a loose connection or a dying cable. Try taking it apart and putting it back together. If that doesn't fix it, look into a new display data cable.

Here are instructions for opening it up. It's tedious but you can do it!

Nintendo 3DS Upper LCD Replacement

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Congratulations Boss, you maxed out on points for the day. Now you know how much work it is ;-) I'll be interested to see if you get an Ace of Answer badge. Oh and by the way, they count for squat if somebody else doesn't come along and vote those answers up. So think about how many up votes you gave people today, opps, you forgot about that didn't you.


Fair enough, you got me! I'll spread some love around on other answers. I actually cast quite a few votes, but mostly for questions. And quite a few downvotes on incomplete questions. This one is pretty borderline. @raerae214, the more information you can provide us (like which screen is glitching) the more likely we'll be to help you.


Yeah, thanks for the contributions, Chief!


@kyle actually answering a question is only half the job. To up vote answers, you have to read them all and make sure they're correct. Then make suggestions on how they can be improved, check out the links. So like with @pccheese, you have to train and nurture them, gently provide incentives, so that he's now, at age 14, giving well thought out and researched answers and behaving like a 35 year old, most of the time. Some foolishness is to be expected and enjoyed ;-) But he's a valued contributor instead of a PITA. When I asked he was the first to get right in there. Now if we just get him to join the boy scouts, he'd be able to tie knots. George, you know Kyle is an Eagle Scout?


No, I didn't know that. I'll do the best I can to meet your expectations! @mayer


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