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How to get the data back from my mac hard drive.

My macbook pro (end of 2006 edition) died last year, the hard drive totally stopped working, i took it to the mac store and they said it was the hard drive that died, and that i need to get a replacement.

So i've taken the hard drive out, even trying to connect it to another computer just to double check, but nope its dead for sure.

so what do i do now? when the best solution, i am thinking its going to be really expensive?




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Your best option for data reco is DataRescue, other than using a multi-thousand dollar professional service. It's good software and I've used it before myself to recover my own data.

However, if the drive is not totally fried, such as if you can see it not necessarily mount it though, or it fails on a verify, then you should try DiskWarrior which has never failed to rebuild a directory for me. It's also very handy to have around, I keep a bootable DVD in my laptop bag.

Of course, the cheapest method for data recovery is none at all, preventative measures such as backing up may seem like a hassle or expense now, but a good $50 external drive today and an hour a month will save you in the end.

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What to do depends on what you want to try to recover and just how important it is to you and how much there is. To start the recovery process you'll need access to the drive and somewhere to put the data recovered. An external adapter or external enclosure is needed. The first thing to try would be Disk Utilities, then something like TechTools Pro or DiskWarrior. If the drive is totally unresponsive you can buy an identical drive and replace the board. After that your looking at some real money. There's a place in Amarillo that runs about $350. Then you can go to my web site for a link to high end recovery experts but your looking at minimum $1500:

Those external backup drives and Time Machine start to look really good after this. I've done several recoveries from Time Machine and they're a snap. Maybe next time.

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mark, just in case this should be an issue:-) I do agree with all answers that have been stated on here before. There are a few things that need to be considered. First off, the economics of this undertaking. How important is the data to you that is on the drive, like mayer said, this stuff can get very expensive. If the data is of lower importance, there are a few options that I find worthwhile exploring. What type of failure is your drive having? If it is a head crash, That is bad and automatically disqualifies the DIY'er from fixing it since you need a clean room, You know like a Biolevel 4 lab etc. But may be it is a firmware issue related to the ROM chip on your drive? Or a failure of the logic board that is connected to your drive. Now what I would at least try and do is to replace the logic board with a logic board from an identical drive and replace the damaged board with a new logic board. Matching the make, model, and even the lot numbers of the drives would also be beneficial. I have done this a few times with some other drives and had some good success. Here are a couple of resource about the HDD failure etc. and

Again it depends on your data and the importance of it. Good Luck

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+ a nice synopsis


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Don't. Actually, if that happen, the first thing you have to do is stopping saving any data on that drive of your Mac.

Now you are given a chance to get back your data. Tunesbro Data Recovery for Mac (Data Recovery for Windows) is a powerful hard disk recovery software which can effectively retrieve various lost files such as MS Office files, photos, audios, emails etc. due to formatting, corruption or accidental erase.

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