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Samsung smartphone released in January 2016. Model SM-J320

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How do repair my motherboard?

I dropped my phone in the hot tub. I got a brand new J3 to replace it with but want my videos, pictures, text messages, phone book and whatever else back. I've tried swapping out screens and battery but to no avail. It won't turn on or take a charge. I'm fairly certain the problem lies in the motherboard somewhere, because the new phone won't work using the old screen or the old phone's battery. The phone heats up when I plug it into a wall charger. Using a new and complete motherboard means losing ALL of my data. So can I use my old memory chips (or whatever they are called) on my new motherboard to recover my data? If so, how and what is involved?

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@zuesflute2 no you cannot. they are all soldered to the board and require special tools and knowledge to remove and to reball etc. They are also linked to other parts on the board. the only way to get your information off is by trying to repair your phone to a point it stays on long enough to download those files. Otherwise consider them lost. Never use parts from a water damaged phone in your new phone, you stand a big chance on shortening out your new board. The battery is the LCD are definitely a lost cause, do not reuse those at all. Try to clean your water damaged board with 90%+ isopropyl alcohol and a soft brush. check for any missing, charred or otherwise damaged looking components. Post some images of your water damaged board and let us see what you see. For that post the images with your question. Use this guide for that

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I have question if you do not mind. Its also on the J3 2016 phone. I was taking the phone apart because my son cracked his screen. I wanted to make sure I could get it apart before I bought a new assemble. Unfortunately I pulled the headphone jack clip off the motherboard. Other than the headphone jack not working, will this prevent the phone from working if I buy a new screen assembly and install it. Iam not sure if the missing clip on the board prevents a completed circuit. Thanks in advance. Greg

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No, it will not prevent the phone from working, im not 100% sure but im 95% positive that if the missing clip isn't on there it will work fine did you ever happen to figure it out by any chance ??


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