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D1760-2 DECT 6.0 Cordless Home phone with caller ID.

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Display says New CID: 30

What does New CID: 30 mean?

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My uniden has no tune and the other line can't hear my voice but I can


I do not have CID enabled no ID but it says CID 2



What is the model number of the phone?

It is usually found under the base station of the phone.

Also DECT 6.0 is not a model number, it's just the version number of the cordless telephone system being used. It is used by lots of different makes and models of cordless phones


What does New CID:30 mean and how do I fix it


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ajaline , CID(caller identification) your phone logs incoming calls in it's memory. The #30 signifies that there are 30 CID(phone #'s) logged in the memory of phone from callers. The phone saves the information for the last 50 received calls to the CID list. The NEW icon marks any calls received since the last time you checked the list. You can delete these one by one or all by pressing ID (CID# will come up) then press menu/select button I believe 3x and repeat until all unwanted CID's are deleted. page 9-10 of the Dect 6.0 manual below may help. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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I was trying to see how you inblock number from your CID cordless phone


I cannot see who is calling me when the phone rings. How can I solve this?


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Hi @carmengauci,

To see incoming phone call numbers displayed on the phone you need to have the Caller ID (CID) (also can be known as Calling Number Display -CND) facility enabled by your landline service provider.

Depending on your provider this is usually a subscription feature on a landline service.

If you haven’t previously requested the CID facility for your service and would like to have it, contact your landline service provider.

If your phone shows “private number” on every incoming call then you haven’t got CID enabled.

If your phone is connected to a VOIP service (phone over the internet connection) you may be able to enable the facility yourself by logging into the user interface of the modem and altering the phone settings as a lot of ISP provide the feature for free.

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Hi @dianne30_75

You have to review each number in the CID list for this list counter to go back to 0 (zero).

Every time a new call comes in, the CID (caller ID) number is entered into a list.

With most phone systems, the number is only displayed for a short while before the display changes to let you know how many calls are in the list that you haven't checked, if you didn't notice the number when the phone first rang.

What is the make and model number of your phone? Look in the user manual to find out how to review the numbers.

The numbers in the list are still there after you have reviewed them unless you delete them from the list or the list overflows (so systems only store 50 numbers) BUT the "new" call counter information will be either 0 or whatever the number of calls that are left that you haven't yet reviewed i.e. if you only review 2 calls then it will show 28 etc.

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