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Released in 2015, the all-in-one camera featuring WiFi, Bluetooth, touch screen display, and waterproof capabilities.

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Why is my GoPro not turning on, or charging?

My camera was working fine, and it is fairly new. I was importing videos to my computer and all seemed fine. I disconnected the GoPro and when I checked on it 5 minutes later it was off. The red light doesn't come up when I tried charging it. I took out the sim card and put it back in, still noting happened. I tried holding the on button but still nothing. There are a couple line's on random parts of the screen, so maybe the screen is broken. I was wondering what I should do, it's not turning on or charging, what's the problem?

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@antoineben,Antoine, If you did nothing to harm the camera and it is fairly new and under warranty, return it as defective for repair/replacement/refund. The link below has some trouble shooting and support from GOPRO. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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