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The American Weigh AWS-100 is a small, robust scale used to make on-the-go measurements. It measures objects ranging from 0.01 grams to 100 grams.

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Why does my aws scale say full

My aws scale is saying full and none of the buttons are responsive. i can only turn it on and off. It has been in good care and ive got it about 2 and a half weeks go. Help?

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Have you tried changing the batteries?


I changed the batterys on mine and it does the same thing.


I say Jerry for President. Well said Sir, but would you have a suggestion for a scale I could buy that doesnt have a life expectancy?


I would say the 3x beam is the only absolute dependable scale. The other digitals are garbage.


Why does my scale read full


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If changing the battery doesn't help, as there is a 10 year limited manufacturer's warranty on the scales contact the manufacturer as per the warranty statement that should have come with the scales.

If you cannot find it here is a link to the manufacturer's warranty. It details what you have to do to make a claim for a warranty refund or repair. Scroll down to returns and refunds

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I don't have the receipt for it anymore.


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