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The ASUS ROG G751 gaming laptop. Powered by the quad-core Intel Core i7 processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M graphics card with TurboMaster. This Laptop comes with dual fans, copper heat sinks and a 17.3 IPS anti-glare display. The Republic of Gamers mask logo is located on the back of the screen in red.

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Electroinic Diagram Asus G751jl

Hello everyone,

i got the Asus Rog g751jl i bought it las month, used

but one day my screen put green so, i got electronic training, i open, clean and i saw and space witchout intigrated cicuit, rear the conection of the screen wire, so i do an exhaust search of the missed electronic but is not in the laptop case, i think it was hoted by the heat dissipator (was above the IC) and then pulled by the Fan (its right on side) so now i what to replace it but i dont know with IC sertainly is, i think its an L43 - BAT45C but my fear is dammage another part and maybe a processor or something some one with xperience can help me? i will be glad

im from Latin america so send the PC to a good technitian its dificult.

Saludos Desde Guatemala!

There is the images, Y gracias por los comentarios

Block Image

Block Image

there was 2 electonics

1- a micro recistance

2- was the IC who i dont know (and Trying to find with your help)

PS: The LCD wire was my first idea but when i saw the Missed IC and the are of it was y dettected the problem, rear the Missed IC area are the coneccion to the LCD screen

PD: El problema de pantalla fue mi primer idea, pero cuando vi que faltaba el CI detecte automaticamente elñ problema ya que detras de ese integrado va el cable hacia la pantalla

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Do you have a picture of the space on the mother board?


@soula publica algunas imágenes de tu placa base dañada. Veamos dónde está el daño. Utilice esta guía para eso. Adding images to an existing question


@oldturkey03 gracias, intente agregarlo ayer desde el celular pero no pude, gracias por la ayuda

@lightnwire there is the picture man, thank you for the Help


@soula do you have any numbers for your motherboard? Anything that identifies the board (not the computer it is from) may help to find the proper schematic


@oldturkey03 no man, i try to find one on the PCB but just say:


REV 2.0



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There is no way, on a cold day in h3ll, that the CPU heated the IC enough to mention the solder and the fan blew it away. The computer would shut off at a much lower temperature. It is probably a "no stuff" component where it was not necessary to put it on. If there is solder on the pads, that is a different story. You probably just damaged the LCD or LCD cable.

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nope bro, i mean, it was the first idea that i got, but then i saw the missed parts, and the area (rear the LCD Conecction) and for that i realice isn´t the LCD (for now, maybe before if the problem percist it will be) but in the first place are the integrated missed


It looks like some sort of transistor and a small capacitor are missing. I honestly don't know what they are, look for a high quality picture of the pcb and write down the markings.


yep, i try to found one of that kind of pictures but they are not on internet (well not of that area)


Try to clean the pads on the board first, see if something is just getting shorted.


I don't have a schematic, but the missing component is probably a voltage regulator and the resistor may be just to decrease the current through the voltage regulator. This is just a guess but the other components look to be also used for power regulation.


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1: IC is BAT54AW double diode , common annod

2 : R = 100k

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