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Eleventh generation of Ford's flagship pickup truck.

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Why does seat belt not latch?

Seat belt won't latch

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@bigredd , Todd Rediger, If you do not see any obvious obstruction inside the buckle that you can picked or blown out and the opposite (latch) end is straight/undamaged, it is recommended to replace the defective part for safety. The buckle lock tab/spring could be worn/damaged inside and are not meant to be serviceable. You could order a new replacement or check out the local auto recycler for the part as it would be low cost from them. Video link below may be of some help with belt replacement or if not wanting to do repair yourself, take into a good shop, have them take a look and estimate repair. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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The seatbelt latch can be quite easily taken apart with a screwdriver or butter knife. I took mine apart on a 2007 Mustang and found a very small plastic piece that theyu put tags on clothes with lodged in the buckle. You could not see it until the buckle was uncovered. Pulled it out and snapped it back together and all works great.


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You need to give more details

1. Check if there is anything blocking the "receptor".

2. Check if any parts are broken

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