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Released September 16, 2016. Models A1661, A1784, and A1785. Available in 32, 128, or 256 GB configurations in Rose gold, gold, silver, black, jet black, and (Product)Red.

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Rear camera glass replacement

Anyone know how to replace the iPhone 7 Plus rear camera glass? Mine has cracked. Apple won't replace for free.

You can buy this:

But how to get the old piece out? It's more than just a layer of glass. If tried to heat it up, but still not budging.

Anyone done this? Thanks.

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Just curious how much did apple charge for it to be replaced?


Not sure of price. They just said standard out of warranty price as the damage wasn't covered by warranty.


Ah. I see what you mean. Most likely out of warranty replacement price which would be significantly expensive.


So I replaced the camera glass. Had to open the phone up and then it's a simple job.

Got everything back fine. Phone works as it did before...EXCEPT...

The contactless function of Apple Pay appears to now longer work. It worked perfectly before...

What did I do???


What adhesive did you use to install the new glass?


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I think you should watch this iPhone 7 Plus Camera Glass Replacement

Video shows how to replace the rear camera glass.

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Thank you! I think I'll accept this is confirmation that the phone needs dismantling to do this.

It's a shame as the glass clearly pops outwards.

I'm deciding on doing this or just replacing the rear housing as the original is fairly scratched.

Thanks again though!


You can remove the glass without taking the screen off and risk breaking it or damaging parts inside.. Use a utility knife with new razor blade - use a heat gun or blow dryer to heat the glue a little (not too much) dig glass out a little at a time slowly careful not to slip and hit the camera lens with the blade- just push the tip of the blade in under the glass on outer edge only around lens housing- pushing in and lifting up. Work your way around Patiently - a quick job will not be a good job more than likely you will damage something so go slow! After you get the glass out scrape up any glue. Now use a small paintbrush to gently brush the debris off the camera lense/s after dry brushing it off use a little alcohol to give them a final cleaning (not a saturated brush full) dab it on a cloth before touching it to the camera lens/s -.. Use the replacement glass you ordered..(glass only) for this procedure -


if your replacement is the housing with glass in it you have to take the glass out of it with heat and a cloth with a pencil eraser in the cloth so you don't scratch it - again go slow not to break the glass taking it out or heating it too much..if the paint gets messed up from where the glue was you will have to use flat black paint to re-paint it - let it dry and glue it in - I use B7000 clear 4 or 5 bucks a tube - if you read this before ordering you will now know to order the glass only if you prefer to repair without taking the phone apart..also do your research and order quality glass not plastic!..hope this helps :)


If I have the phone apart is it fairly easy to replace the bezel w/glass included?


Hi Alex G, thanks for those details. I am having a hard time lifting the glass. I see there is a thin black border surrounding the glass that is not part of the metal case. Am I supposed to pry between the glass and this border? (assuming I have ordered a glass-only piece like you suggested above.) Thanks!


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@gmbeee , Graham , The links below may help in the removal of the lens on your iPhone 7. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

Demontage van de iPhone 7 Plus

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This is useful thanks. But I'm still unsure how the part is held into the housing. I'm guessing it is a waterproof sealant. Maybe apple are right and this isn't replaceable.


Apple says a lot of things about its devices are unrepairable, yet we repair them every day. Including a blown backlight IC that took with it two layers of the board and I was still able to repair it just this past week.

For older models, we used to push the glass out from the inside of the frame of a donor phone/housing, using preferably a plastic tool. A bit of heating first did help. Then clean the edges of the opening with IPA on the receiving frame, dab it with glue, and insert the new glass. Clamp and wait for the glue to set. Never came back.


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These phones (7+) are a defective design with this camera lens cracking so easily and commonly.

Apple needs to replace them for free or enough of us need to get together for class action.

They sold a bad design that only funnels them more money.

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@ J C Yes mate, I agree with you. Its a defect for sure, read so many posts all over internet stating same issue, rear camera glass broken without impact. Some even 2 days old phone claiming this. And I think a person can easily remember whther phone fell or not for 48 hours from purchase. I have 7 plus 128gb jet black, my Camera glass broke though i never dropped it and is covered with high strength case with extra protection for rear camera which is over exposed if no protective case. Apple wasn't accepting "touch disease" with iphone 6S as a defect last year, but later on they had to. Similar thing happening now with defective camera glass. We should indeed get together and file a lawsuit against so adamant Apple. Then only apple may accept this is a manufacturing defect.


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It is only a glass, heating it with a heat gun then remove the broken glass with a tweezers or pry tool. Becareful not drop any glass fragment into the phone.

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