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has anybody else had problems with ibackup jacking your account for mo

Last year I tried a sample ibackup for $9.95. everytime I tried to do anything with their program they attempted to charge me more money for whatever action I tried to take. I let the program alone until last month I noticed another 10 dollar charge. I called the first part of January to close my account. I sent them a email and talked to someone on their switchboard and was told my account would be closed. On 2/02/17 I had a charge for 19.90 on my checking account for them I called back and talked to someone else. I told them I did not want their services and that I had previously called in an cancelled the account I was then given a ticket number and told I would be emailed a response. After 4 business days of not receiving anything from them other then their backup notifications I called back was told I would not get my money back because i did not notify them that I was cancelling my account and I would not receiving a refund because I did not notify them I wanted to cancel my account. A very unhappy customer I am the software never worked right, anytime you used it they tried to nail you with more charges and then after I did notify them they upped my account from yearly to monthly fees. I would not recommend their product to anyone not even my competitors. I am now off to the bank to file a dispute for their fees. anybody else dealt with them.

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Do a Google search for "scam & backup".

Print that out to take to your bank, the police and the BBB.

Here's another report:


IBackup Division, 26115, Mureau Rd, Suite A


United States of America

Phone: 818-251-4200


Category: Internet Services


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Never do business with this company.

I am writing to report about the unscrupulous business practices of the online storage company "ibackup". For over 4 years I was pleased to be their customer and referred them to many clients in the past several months they have begun uploading unauthorized content from my computer and other clients who I give access to and duplicating files thereby causing huge overage fees.

The most frightening part about this is that they have somehow figured out how to hack into people's computers to cause the entire computer to upload and if you work in the world of video like I do and you are unaware they are doing this the next thing you know is your getting a astronomical bill charging $2.00 per Gig from a company trying stick you with $700 plus dollars in overage fees. Personal and unauthorized files are being hijacked for random under the guise of overage fees. Seriously, is this allowed, is this a fare business practice. Perhaps this company is about to go under and now they just want to rip-off all their customers before closing shop.

Perhaps even more frightening is the fact that they had access to personal banking records, social security numbers of employees, confidential files all upload and hidden behind several back door files one simply titled users had more than 400 gigs of unauthorized material in it! They intentially hide drive space content on this site with coded files names and unless you go 3-4 layers deep into a file making it hard to even find where overages exist on your own site.

When I contacted the company and them they had uploaded unauthorized computers and entire life files of a person I gave access to upload work content for me the hijacked his computer without my permission or his and uploaded every single piece of data he owned. When I asked them how they said he had to authorize it and the says he has never ever been asked or been given a prompt to do this. Repeadely and in a very random pattern this company did this. This is a deceitful practice at best. When we discovered this scam we of course deleted absolutely every file that day from my account and again within days ibackup had twice copied his entire computer of this gentleman again uploading it's entire contents and video storage drives hanging off it and again tried to charge us! Seriously!

Meanwhile ibackup has this enticing advertisement on their home page that they will give you 100 gig of storage for $9.99 but it doesn't apply to longtime loyal customers - for long time customers you get hijacked and charged $2.00 a gig in overage fees.

When I tried to speak to customer service they refused to be of assistance reading of a form and despite my appeal to have him speak to me like a reasonable person he refused to put me directly put me in contact with a supervisor. After demanding this I asked them to have a supervisor call instead I get an alleged supervisor so sends me a form letter email saying my case was reviewed an nothing can be done. We have to pay these outrages fees.

What type of customer services is this? Furthermore they pride themselves on being a disaster recovery company. What about customers who have recover from the disaster of being unable to speak to a live person with any authority and for the inane and scandalous fees they are charging. What about the disaster you will face if this company takes your personal information and starts to sell it if they can go about uploading your entire computer without permission. This is a case for the better business bureau and consumer protection agency to take on.

I am not the only one to be victimized by this company. There are others like me who have posted similar experiences. Be warned folks before ending up in the same situation. I am still trying to speak to a company hiding behind email and avoiding even a reasonable discussion or willingness to modify charges.

ibackup will hijack your computer and your life and expect you to pay a randsome fee. Outrageous!

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@mayer , Mayer, I could see you turning red as you wrote this. I hope more see this as a excellent warning!


Thank You I have applied for a debit card with new numbers and cancelled the old one. I was going to dispute the charges but cannot since they are under $25.00 a pop. so ibackup has all angles covered. I will also file a compliant following your link Thank You again Keith


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