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Released February 2015. Model numbers XT1527, XT1514, XT1523, and XT1506.

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How Do I Fix Moto E 2nd Gen LCD? Everything Else Works :/

My phone's screen was recently hit against a pool ball. It had direct contact with the object, with no screen protection. Fortunately, the phone and its components still function, however, the SCREEN IS BROKEN! It is black with many white cracks going from the point where it was hit. (pic below). If you could please provide specific instructions on the best way to fix this (as if I know nothing about phones), I would be very grateful. Also, what would the cheapest option be, but still effective?

Block Image

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There is a guide here: Motorola Moto E 2nd Generation Display Assembly Replacement

I don't know about a replacement screen, though.

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Hi @monsieur_zij

To clarify @pccheese 's answer, the screen and digitizer assembly are not that expensive. Here is a link to just one supplier. There may be others just search online.


Wow, that is super cheap for a phone screen!


I agree, hopefully it is not a typing error on their part. If the OP is considering it then perhaps it is best to verify with the seller before purchase.


@pccheese Instead of guessing and mistakenly giving incorrect information, look things up before making a statement that might discourage someone from attempting a repair. When you do that and the OP sees you don't know what you are talking about on half the question it throws your whole answer into doubt.


Thanks for the advice, @mayer.


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