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The LN46A530 has a 46" display, combined with SRS TruSurround XT. The PC input allows this display to double as a 46" computer monitor

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My TV has sound but no picture. Can it be fixed and how?

When I turn my TV on it has no picture only the sound works. Can it be fixed and how?

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@tlortiz not to insult you or anything but you made sure the volume was up and you checked on different video-in sources?


Yes, I was watching a movie and the picture just went out but the sound was still working.


@tlortiz you checked your HDMI S-Video and composite video inputs as well? If so, sounds like your backlight is out....


Last night I went to turn my tv on and the tv didn't work so I listened to the back of my mams tv and I herd the sound but no picture what can I do


If my TV has sound but no picture does that mean I need a new Television


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@tlortiz this could be related to a bad main logic board, power board or the backlight LED driver boards. First test you want to do is to shine a flashlight at an angle (TV on and at a known good station) See if you can make out shadows, that would mean that your backlight does not come on. You will have to remove the back of your TV set and check out a few boards.You do need a multimeter etc to work on it. Post some images with your question so we can see what you see. For that use this guide.

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Okay, thanks!


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