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The Canon EOS 60D is a 18 MP DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera with an articulating LCD screen. The camera was released August 2010 and is identified by the EOS 60D printed on the front of the camera.

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Canon 60D won't turn on?

I have a canon 60d that is about a year old. About 2 months ago it just completely "died", used it one day, put it back in my camera bag, went to use it the next day and it appeared dead, even though I just placed a fully charged battery in there. Tried different batteries, battery pack with double A batteries, nothing. It doesn't flash any lights, doesn't make any noise or shown any signs of life when switched on.

Any idea on what it could be?

I'd hate to spend $400 or whatever it may be, to be sent ti canon to repair it when the body itself is really worth less than that. I'm just feeling as if I might as well invest that $400 into a new body.

And yes I have tried the switches on both the battery compartment and memory card compartment, nothing at all.

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Hi, I just had this happen to me.

I'd just started using a new lens (50mm 1.8 STM) and tried different combinations of lenses, etc.

Both batteries I tested were full or near full.

Long story short: it turned out to be caused by the micro-SD card in a Transcend SD adapter! Once I'd taken that out and removed / replaced the battery, everything worked as before.

Really, really weird.

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Thanks, I took my sd adapter out and flipped the power a few times without and with thr battery in and it works now.


Thanks.. This worked a treat! Pulled out battery..popped in other SD card.. and back in business! Thank you!


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Saludos. Soy de Venezuela . Tengo un 60D y la tengo guardada desde hace unos meses, la estaba usando y dejo de funcionar. En la pantalla superior el simbolo de bateria empezo a prender y apagar, luego dejó de hacerlo y no funcionó más aunque las baterías estén cargadas.

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Format your SD card. I had that problem a year ago, turns out that the SD card was the issue idk why.

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