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First generation of the Acura TL.

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Crank shaft positioning sensor

Where is it located on a 96 acura tl

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Is this diagrama for 2.5


Is this for a 2.5 acura tl


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sarahbeth2020 the CKP/CYP (CKP Crankshaft position sensor/CYP -Cylinder Positions Sensor) is behind the left camshaft pulley.

Block Image

1. Remove the center bracket .

2. Turn the crankshaft so that the No. 1 piston is at top dead center.

3. Remove the upper covers.

4. Remove the timing belt from the right and left camshaft pulleys .

5. Remove the left camshaft pulley.

6. Remove the left back cover.

7. Remove the CKP/CYP sensor from the left cylinder head.

Update (10/02/23)

@jesuscejatorres here is the location for that on the 2.5L engine

Block Image

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That is a camshaft sensor, not crankshaft sensor....


No it's the crankshaft sensor....


Is this for a 2.5 acura tl 1996


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Its both sensors together as one unit, you also do not need to remove the timing belt to change the part, you can zip tie the belt to the cam pulley, remove the center bolt from the pulley and move the pulley away from the head, I have changed several of these sensors like this procedure. This part has a problem with melting over time, the black goo comes out of the sensor and it needs replaced.

Keep tension on the timing belt by pulling it and the pulley upwards towards the hood so the belt tensioner does not put too much tension on the belt making it too short to be put back together properly. I use something to tie the pulley upwards to keep tension on it always. After the job is done, don’t forget to cut away the zip ties holding the belt to the pulley. GOOD LUCK.

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