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Released 2015 Model Number: POLSP01W

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Why wont my polaroid snap print?

i have had the Polaroid snap for about a year now and i went to use it one day like any other, took a photo like normal and it responded fine but printed a plain sheet with no photo on. i have waited hours in case it was going to develop but nothing, the paper isn't jammed and the camera itself is responding fine up until the photo prints. I can't seem to find anybody else that has experienced the same issue as me, can someone help?!

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i have same problem but i made sure it was the Zink papper ...


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Katy, is it possible it is the wrong type of paper, from what I understand it is to be ZINK paper. Below is a trouble shooting link for your camera and a link where you can contact Polaroid with your concern.

Polaroid SNAP Troubleshooting

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I have the zink paper but it still won’t print


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