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Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus. Identifiable by the model numbers A1549, A1586, and A1589.

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Using dc power supply to source shorts

Managed to get all functions going after water damage using the usual treatment. All fine with the exception of a quick battery drain. Even with just battery attached to logic board a known good battery was dying.

I assumed there was a short on the board somewhere so tried finding it with freeze spray. Nothing showed up with battery so used a dc power supply as Jessa from ipad rehab demonstrated in one of her brilliant videos. Eventually I discovered a component that was warming up first. It was the charge control IC "Q1403"

I have not removed it yet as I am still quite new to this type of work and not sure if this ic normally warms up first when dc power is applied to the battery connector.

Should I be trying to put current through charging port instead?

Absolutely any advice would be hugely interested

Thank you.

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@stratf01 you need to apply the power to the rail that you think is not working. Applying it on the port is not going to work since there are multiple rails involved. I am sure there was some software involved that pointed out the components that are within a certain part of the circuitry. Just applying it randomly is not producing any reliable results. Also, some IC do get warm when functioning properly.

It is probably best to check with the source from where you've learned this.


Thank you oldturkey03 for your post.

As I think I mentioned all functions work on mobile with the exception of a battery drain. This is why I decided to apply dc power to the battery connector.

I assume that when there is only the logic board connected to power supply via the battery connector there should be no current getting consumed unless there is some kind of short?

Be so grateful for any further advice.

Thank you.


There could still be something consumer power when it is turned on. You do have the schematic and checked the circuitry Q1403 belongs to? did you check for a short circuit in that circuit? If anything, that is where I would apply the power to....


Thank you I'll have a look at the Schematic.


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Did you try to power on the device on power supply and test functions(wifi,bluetooth,call) which draw abnormal current?

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Thanks very much for the support.

Do you mean use dc power supply connected to battery connector?

How do I test functions with abnormal current? Keep eye on current figures on power supply or?

Thanks very much again.


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