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The Canon PowerShot SD200 digital camera is a 3.2 MegaPixel with camera and video modes. It was originally released by Canon in September 2004.

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LCD replaced but still no image or info shows on LCD.

I have Canon Power Shot SD200 with broken LCD screen. I purchased a LCD part on eBay and replace it following the instruction given here. All the ribbons are connected correctly and reassembled. But after replacement, the camera still does not show any image or information on the screen when turned on. The back light comes on when the camera is turned on. Is there anything I need to do to reset camera to show the image and info on the screen, or is the camera has some other broken parts that need to be repaired? Any help is appreciated.

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Hiroaki Onda no reset necessary with an LCD replacement. you should see the image or the menu with a new one. Sounds like you are not getting anything but backlight to the LCD. You did not tell us if it worked before you replaced the LCD. IF so it sounds like your issues are with the SIP circuit, The SIP circuit performs the following signal processing.

• Processes the picture data (using the built-in SDRAM).

• Writes and reads the picture data to and from the SD card.

• Outputs digital video signal to the LCD.

• Outputs analog video signal to the VIDEO OUT.

You'll have to disassemble your camera and take a look at the board, check for any missing or damaged looking component. Post some images of your board with your question so that we can see what you see. Use this guide for that.

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