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First generation smart watch by ASUS powered by Android Wear OS

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My ZenWatch is having trouble staying paired to my phone.

How do I pair my ZenWatch with my phone? Also, what is the maximum distance it can communicate with my phone?

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According to this link, the effective range of the Asus Zen Watch is about 5 metres (approx. 16') but it decreases if there are barriers nearby (usually large metal objects between the watch and the phone or electrical equipment which is emitting strong EMR). The link also explains how to troubleshoot pairing problems.

Here is a link to the user guide which explains how to pair your watch.

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When my smartwatch had trouble pairing I used a couple of methods to try and get it connected securely again

  • First I powered on/off both my devices.
  • Then I made my phone "forget" the smart watch.
  • Re-pair the smartwatch again

If that doesn't work then uninstalling the Android Wear App then reinstalling works when nothing else seems to.

You can refer to the iFixit Troubleshooting webpage here

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